About us

Because of our ample experience within the dental industry, we know exactly what it is professionals need: a dental care practice with a smooth, hassle-free workflow. That is why the founders of Summox created a system to make washing, disinfecting and sterilizing instruments effortless and efficient.

We work with dental care professionals and leading companies in design, development, production and software. In addition, we entered into a valued collaboration with the experts at the Eindhoven University of Technology and the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Amsterdam.

With all this knowledge, expertise and experience combined, we raise the bar for ourselves and for the rest of the industry, creating a new standard for the dental sterilization process.


Summox improves the quality, safety and efficacy of health care. We develop and supply unsurpassed, innovative infection control solutions for reusable medical instruments and equipment.


Summox is the new standard for infection control of medical instruments.

Who are we?

Summox One is the first and only system bringing the complete process of washing, disinfecting and sterilising of all dental instruments to your dental care practice. How does it work? Summox One uses intelligent software. Combined with several innovations and the smart integration of different processes, this ensures an optimal user experience. An efficient, quick process that guarantees clean instruments. Summox One was developed in collaboration with dental professionals. Combining the total process for both dentist and team, Summox One provides an efficient, safe and carefree workflow. We explain what it is that makes our system unique with some quotes. “I wanted to create a seamless workflow, allowing dentists all over the world to take instrument infection control to another level.” “The Summox One is an all-in-one solution, integrating the entire instrument infection control process in one comprehensive, smart and innovative system, which can complete a cycle in only 15 minutes. This innovation will help dental professionals save more time for what they really want to do: provide excellent care.”

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Wash, disinfect and sterilise, all in one go